Add instructions for how you want your order shopped and/or delivered. Through instructions, you can let your shopper know that you prefer greener bananas or help them find the apartment to drop off your order.

Item instructions

You can add item instructions from your cart, on the checkout page, or even after you placed your order (but only before it’s been shopped).

  • From your cart: Click or tap Instructions on the item for which you’d like to leave a note
  • From the checkout page: Click or tap Review to review items and add instructions
  • After you ordered: Visit the Order page to review your items and add any instructions

Item instructions carry over to future orders. If your item preferences change, make sure to review your notes when ordering the same items in the future.

During checkout, you can request the order be left at your door if you're not around. This option will notify the shopper it’s an unattended delivery and prompt them to take a picture of the order at your door before they leave.  

Please note— If you choose for your order to be left unattended, you accept full responsibility for the order after it has been delivered, including any loss due to theft or temperature sensitivity damage.

Replacement instructions

Items may be out of stock. When this happens, you have 3 options—

  • Find Best Match: Your shopper selects the best possible replacement. This is the default option for when items aren’t available.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: To select your own replacement, tap or click on the item, then select Pick Specific Replacement. You can search the catalog or choose a replacement from a list of suggestions.
  • Don’t Replace: If you prefer not to replace an item, choose Don’t Replace to get a refund instead.

Replace items within app—

  1. In your cart, tap Instructions on the specific item you want replaced
  2. Tap If item is out of stock...
  3. Tap Find Best Match, Pick Specific Replacement, or Don't Replace depending on how you want your item replaced

Replace items on website—

  1. Click Cart in the top right
  2. In your cart, click Preferences on the item you want to add replacement instructions
  3. Scroll down to Your preferences and click Other options, or Approve
  4. If you click Other options, you can select your preferred replacement item from the list provided, search for a replacement, or choose Don’t replace this item
  5. If you choose to select the preferred replacement item, click +Choose as Replacement

Keep in mind you’ll be refunded or charged for the difference in price for replacement items.

If you have order notifications turned on, look for alerts when an item is replaced or refunded.

Delivery instructions

Adding delivery instructions can help shoppers deliver your order. Your delivery driver sees these instructions when they start heading your way.

Useful info to include—

  • Parking locations
  • Building security or gate information
  • Specific directions for hard-to-locate front doors
  • Any markers on your home that might help the shopper find the best entrance

You can add delivery instructions—

  • While placing the order
  • After placing the order (but before your order is shopped)
  • When adding an address to your account

If your shopper is working on your order, you can contact your shopper directly. Learn about contacting your shopper.